JYOTHI Conmix started its first operations in 2012, which is of foremost business vertical of “JYOTHI GROUPS” is now one of the leading commercial ready mix concrete company with two units of operation strategically located in Bangalore to meet its customer needs in time.
Jyothi Conmix,the brain child of M.D. Sri Rakesh Babu G,has become one of Bangalore’s fastest growing RMC company, with a strong presence in core construction solutions, adopting itself to the needs of current trend in the market and the developments occurring in the sphere of concrete technology, with their latest machineries. They specialise in manufacture and production of high quality RMC,(Ready Mix Concrete)through streamlined processes and quality control procedures.

RMC is manufactured in a stationary mixer, in a central batching and mixing plant, to be supplied to a purchaser in a transit mixer in an unhardened state, requiring no further treatment before being placed in the position where it is set to harden. Different raw materials like cement, coarse aggregates, sand, water and admixtures are accurately weighed, correctly proportioned and mixed thoroughly in RMC plants, which are almost 100% computer controlled. As a result, the batch-to-batch variation in the quality of concrete is minimal and even negligible.

JYOTHI Conmix has established a reputation for being able to deliver cost-effective and innovative concreting solutions to meet a variety of requirements. We are recognized for the constantly evolving nature of the industry assured quality and customer satisfaction with our services which are operating 24/7. JYOTHI Conmix has been consistently investing in R&D of new stages of concrete technology and maintaining state-of-the-art of manufacturing and quality control of concrete. JYOTHI Conmix focuses on quality and innovation that has enabled to build and reach immense client base that includes some of the most esteemed names from the Indian building and construction sector.


JYOTHI Conmix has hand-picked management team that has a holistic thoughtful of the ready mixed concrete industry. Each member of the management team has experience of over a decade in leadership role in leading ready mixed concrete and/or construction organizations which brings to the table a unique blend of skills that has helped JYOTHI Conmix achieve its objective of being a considerable force in the ready mixed concrete industry.

To provide effective solutions by adopting practices that will reduce the environmental impact. We aim to deliver sustainable concrete solutions to our valued clients.

We work as a team with the aim of maximizing results by delivering personalized, reliable, and professional services and unparalleled expertise and thereby assisting the construction industry to face its challenges – which in turn provides value to our clients by reducing costs and hence, giving them an edge over competition.