JYOTHI Conmix, concrete plants meet the terms with stringent requirements of the Quality Design.

• Fully equipped laboratories at all plants to perform various tests on concrete and on essential raw materials.

• Concrete mixes of various grades are designed in laboratory as per established procedures to comply with BIS Specifications.

• Systems and process implemented by JYOTHI Conmix, monitors every stage of the complete business practice, start from sales, processing of order,purchase/control of materials and concrete mix design to production, delivery and control of concrete.

■ Consistent quality and guaranteed production rate. No more loads delayed en route to site.

• The quality system is periodically reviewed for improvement on a recurrent basis.

• Cubes are casted at the plant as well as at the site for compressive strength of concrete.

.Endures can therefore ascertain that the concrete he receives at his site has the intended strength.

• Precisely designed mixes to ensure better permanence & durability of the structures.

• Slump is tested immediately after the production and at the time of pour. Required slump is ensured.

■ With direct, one-to- one contact with our operators on-site, we ensure that we are able to adapt quickly to your requirements or any changes in site or materials.

■ Daily cement compliance data and technical support from all major brands

■ Mix design and testing to ensure end product meets all the required characteristics and performance criteria.

■ All of this is backed up by a comprehensive portfolio of quarries, fixed ready-mix plants and a large fleet of both on- and off-road mixer trucks, ensuring that we can offer you a genuine ‘one-stop- shop’ solution.

• Test Certificates are issued regularly for testing of concrete.