The company which started as a humble small real estate development firm, today has grown into a massive 200 Crore company. This is a testimony for the Unity, Hard work & Compassion of the Family business. The family’s name, fame & business is kept up, by the third generation currently. Over these past five decades, Jyothi Group’s contribution towards growth & high stature, through consistent high quality design & work, have become parameters of satisfaction, comfort & efficiency.

The three values which are at the center of focus at Jyothi Group are, Imagination, Integrity & Intelligence.

At the start of every project, planning& designs are done keeping these three things in mind to give the best to their customers.

Imagination: The imaginations of the progressive developmental design team is pushed beyond the boundaries of every design, to render best architectural & structural plans with their state of the art machineries & technologies.

Integrity: Integrity, being the core of the company, customers in particular and people at large are the most valued assets at Jyothi Group.The company’s success solely depends on the immaculacy & integrity they have painstakingly built over the years.

Intelligence:The humbleness, truthfulness & openness of the company has kept the reputation of Jyothi Groups one of the most reliable company to work with. The finances are planned very intelligently by the M.D. Mr. Rajesh Babu G, in such a way that, the co-passengers in their journey like, the sub-contractors, carpenters, bar benders, labourers are completely satisfied. That’s the reason they are working with them since last five decades.